Noël Young is a self taught contemporary artist based out of Los Angeles, California. She has created art all her life and in 2015 she changed her career path from environmental science to the arts. Practicing “no limits” as her mantra she is expressive with acrylic and oil painting, photography, and writing.

“My recent Tessellate paintings are an investigation of color, space, and isolation using rigid geometric shapes that are inspired by music, movement, and emotion. I primarily use acrylics on canvas and experiment with charcoal, aerosol, and oil pastels to achieve different textures. I’m drawn to vibrant and bold color palettes that give movement and depth to my paintings.

My intentions are for the viewer to feel an emotion when they see my work; whether it’s a positive or negative experience, evoking an emotion is my main objective. I believe the moment the viewer experiences a feeling from my work we have connected on a non verbal and intangible level for a blip in time.

The most important message of my work is to stay true to yourself. Consciously make the effort everyday to be in an environment that nourishes self growth.

I create because I have to.”

Group Show

Elephant in the Room.
Los Angeles, CA. December, 2017.


Bachelor’s of Science, Florida Gulf Coast University. Biology Major. Chemistry Minor. 2010.